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24/7 support improves issues resolving’ efficiencies by reducing time customers spend to fix problems.

About US!

Customer care service is the vital  of any business that wants to prosper.

Customers are the one who helps to grow your your business, share your vision and cherish your ideas.


Pick the Best Plan



  • 50 tickets
  • 150 chats
  • 40 phone sessions



  • 250 tickets
  • 500 chats
  • 250 phone sessions



  • 500 tickets
  • 1500 chats
  • 400 phone sessions


Advantages of partnership cooperation

Affiliate partners

Custom solutions for each partner
Services are provided 24/7
Provision of technical support services
Appointment of a personal manager
Access to analytical and statistical companies
Discount program for partner customers

Service partners

Services are provided 24/7.
Customization of the price of the provision of joint services
Sharing statistics.
Development of customized statistics.
Receiving regular work reports.
Access to available statistics and analysts.

Pick the Best Plan



  • up to 50 tickets
  • up to 150 chats
  • up to 40 phone sessions



  • up to 250 tickets
  • up to 500 chats
  • up to 250 phone sessions



  • up to 500 tickets
  • up to 1500 chats
  • up to 400 phone sessions

We also offer you additional services in:


$3/per lead

Account management

5% from the total sum of purchase

Cross- and up-sales

5% from the total sum of purchase

Ticket pre-sale consultations


Chat pre-sale consultations


Performing custom tasks

6% from the total sum of purchase

Phone pre-sale consultations


Modification of your product’s code

$15/per change

*In case you overlimit your plan, each ticket, chat or phone session will be calculated separately.


*Feel free to adjust these questions and answers to match your website’s specific payment process and policies. Providing clear and concise information about the payment process can help streamline customer transactions and enhance their overall experience on your website.


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